About the Journal

The Discourse (TD) is a multidisciplinary academic research journal with the aim to publish original research work that is specifically focused on practical issues in industry or academia. The research articles will broadly cover the areas of Management Sciences, Social Sciences, Economics, Political Science, Education, Physical and Sports, International Relations Arts and Design, and other fields. The Quality of research publications is subject to the meticulous plagiarism check, screening process, and double-blind peer review by national and international scholars owing to strong research background and expertise in their respective areas. The published articles are intended for the provision of enriched resources to local, regional as well as international readers to enhance their knowledge and concepts. TD as a research journal provides an opportunity for researchers to come up with new innovative concepts and ideas about business, industry, and management practices in developed and developing economies particularly in Pakistan. TD will serve as a bridge between academia and practitioners throughout local and international business environments. The submitted articles are reviewed by the editorial advisory board and either peer-refereed through a double-blind peer-review process as a mandatory component.

Publication and Submission of Articles

TD is published bi-annually by the Institute of Business Studies and Leadership (IBL), Abdul Wali Khan University, Mardan, and is regularly published in a volume with two issues i.e January –June and July-December. Articles must be submitted using the online submission system.