Evaluating Foreign Business Qualification and Student Satisfaction in Pakistan


  • Syed Waqar Ahmed Shah
  • Dr. Syed Afzal Moshadi Shah
  • Dr. Jamil Anwar
  • Dr. Said Shah


Foreign qualification, Business diploma courses, Student satisfaction, Education in Pakistan


The aim of the study was to examine the factors contributing towards quality perception among
students for foreign qualification in Pakistan. The study has adopted an online survey technique using
Google Form facility. The respondents were the registered students of foreign business diploma
courses in four leading institutes of Pakistan. A total of 273 valid responses were analyzed using SPSS
Version 21. The analysis includes Confirmatory Factor Analysis, Descriptive statistics, Correlation,
Cronbach Alpha and Regression Analysis. The finding indicate that supplement education dimension,
education pressure, personal aggression, support service and final report preparation are found
significant positively associated with student satisfaction towards foreign business diploma courses.
Whereas long-term professional horizon, timing & feedback are found negatively associated with
student satisfaction. The study found no support between the course contents and communication gates
and student satisfaction. The limitations associated with online survey method are unavoidable in the
study. The study is limited to the students of only four leading institutes offering foreign business
diploma courses whereas future research may include all the institutes offering these courses. Future
research may also adopt a qualitative approach i.e. interviewing technique in order to have a better
understanding of the student satisfaction level. The study provides practical implication to the
institutes offering these business diploma courses; the degree awarding institutes and policy makers.
The study provides a basic understanding about the registered students' satisfaction with foreign
qualification. It may be helpful to prospective students in their decision making while choosing foreign
qualification in the country. The study is first of its kinds that has examined a range of student
satisfaction antecedents of foreign business qualification courses being offered in the country.