Does Emotional Intelligence Moderating the relationship between Customer Related Social Stressors and Turnover Intensions: A Case of Twin City


  • Shakeel Ahmad
  • Dr. Naveed Farooq
  • Wahid Raza
  • Dr. Muhammad Tufail


Customer Related Social Stressors, Turnover Intention, Emotional Intelligence


Customer related social stresses have adverse effects on the employee and that leads to
the turnover intention among the employees. The present study is based on the affective
event theory and is also focused to expand our knowledge on the effects of customer
related social stresses. This study examined the impact of customer related social stresses
on turnover intention through the moderating effect of emotional intelligence. Data were
collected from a sample of 202 from bank employees. Questionnaire was used to collect
the data from employees working in different branches of different banks in twin cities of
Pakistan i.e., Mardan and Nowshera. Results suggest that there is positive relationship
between customer’s related social stresses and turnover intention. Whereas moderating
effect was also recognized, the relationship between customers related social stresses and
turnover intention. Limitations and future research directions also discussed.