Corporate Social Responsibility Impact on Performance of Private Sector Education: A case Study of Private Sector Secondary Schools in Peshawar Pakistan


  • Muslim Khan
  • Yasir Khan
  • Mukharif Shah
  • Sahibzada Adnan Ul Haq


Corporate Social Responsibility, Secondary Schools, District Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa


Private-sector educational entities require strong corporate strategies. To be effective in a
globally competitive world, the Corporate Social Responsibility Approach must be
embraced. This research examined corporate social responsibility in district Peshawar,
Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and its effect on secondary schools in the private sector. Primary
nature research and data was collected through five point likert scale questionnaire
distributed in private sector high school teachers to get the data about the impact of
corporate social responsibility on organizations’ performance. The questionnaire was
fielded to private sector secondary school teachers in order to get data about the impact of
corporate social responsibility on performance of secondary schools. The population of
the study was 184 registered private sector secondary schools (140 boys and 44
girls)which included 900 teachers(who taught to class 10th students during session 2017-
18) in district Peshawar. A sample of 280 teachers (140 male and 140 female) in 70
private sector secondary schools (35 for boys and 35 for girls) were selected through equal
allocation sampling formula. Mean, Standard Deviation and t-test were applied for
analyzing the data. The Pearson’s correlation r was used to evaluate the variable effects.
The result from the data indicated that all the four aspects of CSR have positive significant
impact on the performance of secondary schools.







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